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A full-featured Tetris demo. Built with GameMaker: Studio 1.4. 

Thoroughly researched and accurate implementation of the classic falling block game. Beautifully coded. Completely documented. Over 150 developer hours went into designing, programming, testing, and documenting this asset!

Everything you need for a full-featured, refined Tetris engine is all here! Things like the title screen, menu, leaderboard, etc, are left for you to design and implement. But the core game is immediately playable, configurable, and modding is encouraged.





  • Meticulously documented code and manual!
  • Keyboard controls
  • Gamepad controls
  • Audio system
  • Mute/Volume Control system with OSD
  • Test mode, with developer cheats:
    • Toggle Gravity
    • Clear well of all blocks
    • Change Tetronimo shape
    • Left click to Add|Delete blocks
  • Soft Drop
  • Hard Drop
  • Wall and Floor kickout
  • Pixel perfect Tetronimo rotation and collision detection
  • Tetronimo rotation follows SRS
  • Ghost block for improved drop accuracy
  • Music speed up (you provide the .mp3 to the music assets, the code is there to switch the BGM to a fast version if the stack height exceeds 14 lines)
  • Color schemes! 3 separate color schemes for the blocks.
  • Level system
  • Garbage Lines System (two types)
    • Starting garbage (L lines of D density)
    • Rising garbage (stack rises 1 row every N steps)
  • Scoring system
  • Next piece system
  • Stats system


Download NowName your own price

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GML Tetris Demo 1.5 13 MB
GML Tetris Source (GameMaker Studio 1.4) 21 MB
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Can I use the same graphic on the engine?


Sure, the graphical resources are included in the project asset.