InvadTris is a SpaceInvaders|Tetris mashup created for Ludum Dare 41.  

LD41 Theme: Combine 2 Incompatible Genres.

Known issue: At the moment HTML5 build is broken in all major browsers with various glitches.  I believe this is a build error of some kind, but it persists in my newest builds.  For now, HTML5 players can try out one of the earlier HTML5 builds, here:

Please be sure to rate the game if you're participating in LD41.  I'll review your game if you rate mine and leave a comment so I know who you are!

You start out on the left, controlling the Space Invaders laser base.  You fire Tetronimoes at the Invaders instead of the traditional laser.  When you hit an Invader, the Tetronimo is transferred to the Tetris side of the game, which takes focus, while you play the newly-minted Tetronimo.   

When you complete a line in Tetris, the row of cleared blocks turns into a SuperWeapon, which you can fire up at the Invaders, wiping out entire swaths of them.

Total time spent on project: 21 hours (so far).  I worked solo, but didn't finish until after the Jam deadline, if that matters to anyone.

It's still a little buggy.  I'm calling it playable, but there are some bugs that will break the game, which I'm still working on.  Let me know if you find any.



  • keyboard  arrows:  move laser base left|right
  • space bar:  fire a tetronimo at the Invaders
  • shift: fire the SuperWeapon
  • Gamepad: D-pad to move, A to shoot regular weapon, B to shoot Super Weapon


  • keyboard arrows:  shift tetronimo left|right, or drop
  • Z|X: rotate tetronimo
  • Gamepad: D-pad to move, A|B to rotate


  • M: mute audio
  • Ctrl+Up|Down: Volume control
  • R: restart game (when Game Over)
  • Backspace:  back to Title screen


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InvadTris 1.8 (latest) 3 MB
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