A simple Snake clone
Full featured Tetris demo, beautifully coded and documented
Ludum Dare 41 - Combine 2 Incompatible Genres - A Space Invaders/Tetris mashup
Play in browser
Fake-3D "2.5D" engine for GameMaker Studio
Global Game Jam 2018
The more you have, the worse it is
Cleveland Game Developers Summer Jam 2017
A Small World LDJAM 38 compo entry
Easily calculate a rolling average from a series or stream of numbers in GameMaker Studio!
Assemble the ancient technology in order to unlock its secrets.
Store level data for your GM:S project in an image file. Now any image editor is a level editor!
Powerful, flexible, beautifully coded & documented mini map system for your GameMaker project.
Is move_wrap() too limited for your GameMaker: Studio project? Try iMprOVE_WRAP instead!
Snap your GameMaker: Studio views one chunk at a time instead of scrolling. For that retro feel.
Min Font: 4 free pixel fonts perfect for retro games.
Ever wonder why GML doesn't handle double clicks? Now it does!
Compare two snippets of GML code and see which is the faster.
Get the right keyboard value to check for in your GameMaker project